Friends of the Somme - Mid Ulster Branch
No Mem Ref Service No Rank Name Regiment / Service Battalion Date Of Death
1 01 6986237 Pte. Barker, Thomas James (Tot) Special Air Service Regiment 08/08/1944
2 02 FX76845 POA Bayne, Allan Miller Royal Navy HMS Condor Air Station 17/02/1943
3 03 3595861 Corp Bell, Patrick Durham Light Infantry 16th Battalion 27/09/1944
4 04 754377 Flt. Sgt Berkeley, Thomas Colqhoun Edmonds Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve 85 Squadron 14/06/1941
5 05 652473 Sgt. Brown, Edward Royal Air Force 224 Squadron 06/02/1942
6 06 6976036 Fus Burns, Joseph Royal Irish Fusiliers 1st Battalion 19/05/1940
7 07 1873670 Sapper Cardwell, Robert John Royal Engineers 2nd Field Company 09/12/1941
8 08 1532034 Sgt. Crane, Thomas Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve 101 Squadron 28/07/1944
9 09 6976709 Fus Crawford, John Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers 2nd Battalion 30/12/1939
10 10 Unknown Crawford (WW2), M Unknown
11 11 D/SSX 20220 Ab Sea Curran, Andrew Royal Navy HMS Glorious 09/06/1940
12 12 P/SSX 14757 Ab Sea Darragh, William Royal Navy HMS Grenville 19/01/1940
13 13 PLY/X3717 Marine Duncan, Samuel George Royal Marines HMS Repulse 19/07/1943
14 14 5437164 Corp Dunn, James Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry 5th Battalion 23/11/1944
15 15 1670597 Sgt. Freeburn, Alexander Henry Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve 514 Squadron 22/05/1944
16 16 D/SMX 268 Blacksmith Freeman, William Hugh Royal Navy HMS Leonian 07/02/1944
17 17 6980686 Fus Gildea, Robert Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers 2nd Battalion 19/07/1943
18 18 6976636 Sgt. Gildea, Thomas James Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers 2nd Battalion 17/05/1940
19 19 6985178 L/Corp Greer, Henry Royal Ulster Rifles 6th Air Landing Brigade 08/06/1944
20 20 6982809 Fus Harkness, William J Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers 2nd Battalion 19/07/1943
21 21 131970 Fly Off Henry, Andrew Alexander Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve 50 Squadron 10/05/1944
22 22 7047221 Fus Henry, Isaac Royal Irish Fusiliers 1st Battalion 15/04/1943
23 23 625299 A/man Irvine, William Charles Royal Air Force 220 Squadron 11/06/1940
24 24 D/KX 132149 Ld Stoker Johnston, George Usher Royal Navy HMS Kenya 13/12/1943
25 25 1796421 Sgt. Loughrin, Robert Thomas Garth Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve 29/02/1944
26 26 13003876 Pte. Murphy, John Joseph Pioneer Corps 50th Company 17/06/1940
27 27 T/6985220 Driver McGeown, Frank Royal Army Service Corps 17/03/1945
28 28 6979734 Fus McGuckin, Ernest Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers 2nd Battalion 27/12/1946
29 29 6972028 Sgt. Neill, William Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers 5th Battalion 22/04/1945
30 30 623923 Sgt. Nelson, Thomas Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve 158 Squadron 20/02/1944
31 31 13007917 Pte. Nelson, William Pioneer Corps 17/06/1940
32 32 6982776 Fus O'Neill, Hugh Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers 1st Battalion 07/04/1943
33 33 13805100 Staff Sgt. Pellegrini, Eugenio Pioneer Corps 12/12/1943
34 34 6985550 Fus Purvis, Victor George Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers 70th (Young Soldiers) Battalion 03/06/1942
35 35 6979112 Fus Purvis, Samuel John Royal Irish Fusiliers 2nd Battalion 25/04/1942
36 36 14410593 Pte. Reid, Gordon Parachute Regiment 7th Battalion 07/07/1944
37 37 14418439 L/Corp Rollins, George Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers 6th Battalion 15/05/1944
38 38 1st Radio Scott, Samuel John Jackson Merchant Navy MV Upwey Grange 08/08/1940
39 39 7042852 Fus Slaine, William Royal Irish Fusiliers 1st Battalion 23/05/1940
40 40 638353 A/man Stewart, Frederick Royal Air Force 27/12/1940
41 41 13009152 L/Corp Stirrup, George Pioneer Corps 13/06/1943
42 42 D/SSX 26862 Ab Sea Tyre, Patrick Joseph Royal Navy HMS Stronghold 02/03/1942
Town : Cookstown
Latitude : 54.647652
Lontitude : -6.745295
Date Unveiled : 11/11/1948
Cookstown Cenotaph is located in the centre of the retail area of the town in William Street, between Orritor Street / Coagh Street crossroads and the Burn Road junction.

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Memorial History
From the Mid Ulster Mail dated 13th November 1948: Cookstown Roll of Honour Unveiled
Remembrance Sunday dawned dull with a dark and sorrowful-like day and although very cold in Ulster, contrary to many parts of England, it was fair and quite good for the occasion.
At Cookstown the day was of special significance for the Roll of Honour of the fallen of the the 1938-45 War was unveiled by Brigadier J A Sinton, V.C., O.B.E., of Slaughtfreedan, Cookstown. A short service was conducted at the Cenotaph and the Plaque dedicated by Rev G Long B.A., C.F., Rector of Kildress. Special arrangements had been made for the service this year – each organisation attending having been supplied with an assembling guide, while awaiting their arrival at the Cenotaph were Captain Smyth and Mr R Vance. The British Legion (Men’s Branch) assembled at their hall, and under the command of Comrade J Simpson, with Colour Party consisting of Comrade S Long (carrying colours), G Allen, and R Dixon, they marched to the Cenotaph, headed by the Pipe Band of C Cookstown Company 2nd Cadet Battalion R.I.F., which was commanded by Pipe Major L Nelson and Drum Major Norman Carmichael, the latter receiving some fine commendations for his smart clear commands. Other organisations present at the Cenotaph, with commanders’ names in brackets were:
bullet British Legion Woman’s Branch, (Miss Hopper and colour party comprising Mrs G Allen, Mrs J Weir and Mrs R Faulkner)
bullet Cookstown Division St John’s Ambulance Nursing Division (Mrs Leeper)
bullet Girl Guides (Captain Mrs Kane and Acting Lieutenant Gladys Ferguson)
bullet Boys Brigade (Captain J S Alexander, Lieutenant W Anderson and W.O. A Thompson)
bullet Boy Scouts (S.M. T Black and A.S.M. M Semple)
bullet Wolf Cubs (Cubmistress J Faulkner)
bullet First Presbyterian Church Sunday School (Mr G Browne)
bullet Molesworth Presbyterian Church Sunday School (Rev J C Crozier, B.A. and Mr William Alexander)
The praise was led by Cookstown Male Voice Choir under the conductorship of Mr James McCammon, Mr B McCammon being indisposed, and ladies from various church choirs. At the south end of the Cenotaph a Guard of Honour from the Army Cadet Force was drawn up, commanded by Captain J R Graham. It comprised Sergeant Major Lindsey, Fusiliers Martin, Davison, Morton, McKinney, Reynolds and Faulkner, Brigadier Sinton was accompanied at the Cenotaph by Major F G walker and Lieutenant T A Armstrong.
The Service, which was conducted by Rev Mr Long, commenced with the singing of Psalm 100 followed by prayer, which included ‘The Memorial of the Dead’. Then followed the Two Minutes Silence and the repeating of various sentences by the Chaplain and the singing of the hymn ‘The Supreme Sacrifice – O Valliant Hearts’. After prayer and the singing of the 23rd Psalm, Brigadier Sinton proceeded to unveil the Roll of Honour. Before doing so, he said:-
Another year has passed and we again gather together to do homage to the memory of our ‘Glorious Dead’, those who gave their lives for us in two world wars. I cannot tell you how proud I am, nor how greatly honoured I feel, at having being asked to unveil this memorial tablet to those Cookstown and district soldiers who made the supreme sacrifice in the last war. This is a sad occasion. I am sure you will all join with me in conveying our deepest and heartfelt sympathy to all those who lost relatives and friends in either war. While it is a sad occasion, it is also a glorious one. The bereaved ones can proudly remember their sons, their grandsons, their husbands, their sweethearts and friends who went forth as volunteers to fight the battle of freedom. They acquitted themselves like men and most worthily upheld the proud warrior tradition of Tyrone, which goes back into the dim ages.
We all hope that we will never again have to add more names to our memorial. Let us pray with our hearts and not merely with our lips- Lord give us peace in our time. Our glorious dead died fighting for freedom, justice and independence, those conditions so dear to every Ulsterman. They gave their lives in the hope that the torch of freedom should continue to burn and that our children and our chidren’s children should be born and live free. As the poem ‘In Flanders Fields’ says:- ‘..the torch be your to hold it high, If you break faith with us you die. We shall not sleep though poppies grow in Flanders Fields.’
‘This trust is held upon us’, concluded Brigadier Sinton. We must ensure that what they gained by their sacrifice will not again be lost because of thoughtlessness, carelessness or wilful neglect. We must fear God, honour the King and put our whole hears into our work, if we are not to betray our trust.’
The Plaque, which is on the north end of the Cenotaph, was covered by as Union Jack which was withdrawn by the Brigadier and revealed the names of 42 men of Cookstown and district who had made the supreme sacrifice in the last war. The names were then read out by Lieutenant T A Armstrong who, as Vice-Chairman of the Cookstown Branch of the British Legion, expressed sympathy with the relatives of the following, whose names appear on the Cenotaph – 1939-1945.
The Roll of Honour was then dedicated by Rev Mr Long. Wreaths were placed on the Cenotaph. During the laying of the wreaths the band played the lament ‘Lochaber No More’. The Last Post was sounded by Bugler Hornsby, of the 1st Royal Ulster Rifles from Ballykinlar, after which the chaplain said:-
‘The legion of the Living saluted the Legion of the Dead’ followed by a response by all present ‘We will not break faith with ye.’
After the singing of ‘O God our help in ages past’, the National Anthem was sung and the pronouncing of the Benediction concluded the service.
Brigadier Sinton then inspected the Guard of Honour and complimented them on their smart turnout while he complimented the band on their fine playing.
The parade then formed up and marched via James Street, Loy Street to the Courthouse and back via Molesworth Street, Union Street, Coagh Street and William Street and then to the Legion Hall where they were dismissed. As the parade passed the Belfast Bank buildings, Brigadier Sinton took a salute from a raised platform, where he was accompanied by Mr Joseph Allen, O.B.E., J.P., Chairman of Cookstown Urban Council, and Major F G Walker.
The entire arrangements were made by Cookstown Branch of the British Legion. Captain M J Smyth, who had been organising secretary, deserves every congratulation for the organising and smooth running of all the arrangements. Also helping with the arrangements and with the raising of the funds for the placing of the Roll of Honour and cleaning of the cenotaph were Messrs S Hayes (chairman), T A Armstrong (vice-chairman), G Allen (secretary) and J Carnaghan (treasurer).
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