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04/07/2017 The 1911 census states that Patrick was a widower. There seems to be quite a few inaccuracies in the 1911 form, so there is some doubt as to the authenticity of this.
04/07/2017 In the event of my death, I give and bequeath the whole of my property and personal effects together with any monies due to me by His Majesty’s government to my mother Martha Hughes, 49 Altcar Street, Belfast. Patrick Hughes. Reg. No 6895. A Company, 14th Royal Irish Rifles.
04/07/2017 Patrick Hughes was the son of Michael and Matilda Hughes. Michael Hughes married Matilda Sloan on 9th January 1881 in the district of Cookstown.
04/07/2017 Patrick Hughes was born in Stewartstown on 30th August 1884. He was one of eight children, six surviving.
04/07/2017 Known Family: Michael Hughes, Matilda Hughes, James Hughes (born about 1880), Annie Hughes (born 28th August 1881), Patrick Hughes (born 30th August 1884), Margaret Hughes (born 3rd February 1887), Sarah Hughes (born 8th June 1889), Matilda Tillie Hughes (born 29th December 1890), John James Hughes (born 6th June 1893).
04/07/2017 All the children were born in Stewartstown, but by 1901 the family had moved to Belfast.
04/07/2017 Last Will and Testament of Rifleman Patrick Hughes dated 26th May 1916:
04/07/2017 The 1911 census lists Patrick as age 27, living with the family at house 49 in Altcar Street Belfast. Both Patrick and his father were labourers.
04/07/2017 Patrick Hughes enlisted in Belfast.
04/07/2017 Rifleman Patrick Hughes was serving with the 1st Battalion of the Royal Irish Rifles when he died in France on the Saturday 6th July 1918.
04/07/2017 Rifleman Patrick Hughes is buried in Bertenacre Military Cemetery, Fletre, France. This cemetery was originally made by French troops, and used by the 36th Ulster Division in July-September 1918 after the Battle of the Lys.
04/07/2017 Unusually, a photograph exists of the original wooden grave marker.
04/07/2017 The CWGC record Rifleman Patrick Hughes as the son of Michael and Matilda Hughes of 49 Altcar Street, Mount Pottinger Road, Belfast.
04/07/2017 The 1901 census lists Patrick as age 17, living with the family at house 28 in Silvergrove Street, Belfast. Patrick had left school and was a telegraph messenger. His father was a farm servant.
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