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06/06/2020 Samuel Lyttle served on Pembroke from 5th May 1915 until 19th July 1915. He then served on St George from 20th July until 5th November 1915. He then served on Wallington from 6th November 1915 until 26th June 1916. He served on Pembroke again from 27th June 1916.
06/06/2020 Samuel joined the Royal Navy on 25th May 1915. He became a trimmer and fitter.
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06/06/2020 He served on HMS Fame from 9th August 1917 until his death.
14/02/2018 Engine Room Artificer S Lyttle is commemorated on St James, Grimsby WW1 Roll of Honour.
14/02/2018 Samuel Lyttle was the son of James and Mary Lyttle. James Little and Mary Miller were married on 24th February 1859 in the district of Cookstown.
14/02/2018 Samuel Little was born on 23rd December 1882 in Pomeroy. It seems he was the second youngest of a large family.
14/02/2018 The spelling of the surname changes throughout the records, Lyttle being preferred here.
14/02/2018 GRONI records for Pomeroy are notoriously poor. Here is the family as far as can be established.
14/02/2018 Known family: James Lyttle, Mary Lyttle, Susanna Lyttle (born 20th July 1866), Margaret Lyttle (born 6th June 1867), Unk-female Lyttle (born 22nd April 1869), Unk-female Lyttle (born 7th March 1871), Unk-male Lyttle (born 19th July 1873), Unk-female Lyttle (born 26th October 1875), Unk-female Lyttle (born 27th March 1878), Unk-female Lyttle (born 26th March 1880), Samuel Lyttle (born 23rd December 1882), Unk-male Lyttle (born 17th August 1885).
14/02/2018 Samuel cannot be found on either the 1901 or 1911 Irish Census.
14/02/2018 Samuel was married to Florence Lyttle.
14/02/2018 Engine Room Artificer 2nd Class Samuel Lyttle is buried in Hong Kong Cemetery.
14/02/2018 The CWGC record Engine Room Artificer S Lyttle as the son of James and Mary Lyttle. He is also recorded as the husband of Florence Lyttle of 208 Willingham Street, Grimsby.
14/02/2018 In July 1918 HMS Fame was in dry dock in Hong Kong. On 26th July 1918, ERA Lyttle was discharged to hospital.
14/02/2018 On 28th July 1918 at 3.50pm a funeral party landed for ERA Samuel Lyttle.
14/02/2018 Engine Room Artificer 2nd Class Samuel Lyttle was serving on board H.M.S. Fame when he died on 28th July 1918. He was 35 years old.
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